View Full Version : How to choose a right car pillow headrest monitor/DVD for your car?

08-19-2011, 12:38 AM

How to choose a right car pillow headrest monitor/DVD (http://www.12vcity.com/headrest-monitor-car-headrest-monitors)for your car?

First: choose the color, usually,the car pillow headrest monitor/DVD have black,gray,beige/Tan color to choose,choose the right color which match your car inside decoration color.

Second, choose the size, right now,there is 7 inch, 9 inch,or 10.2 inch,even 11 inch car pillow headrest monitor/DVD, if your car is small or normal size car, usually 7 inch is ok, if car is MPV or van etc,better choose a 9 inch or even big size.

Third,choose DVD or just monitor,if you have have head unit DVD already, you can just choose one pair or headrest monitor is ok, if no headrest DVD, you can choose one pcs with DVD, another pc just monitor,that is can save a lot of cost for you.

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