View Full Version : How many pre-outs?

08-16-2011, 08:06 PM

I'm planning out a new sound system for my stock '03 Cavalier and just want to fully understand how everything would fit together.

I don't know yet whether I'd amp the speakers, a sub, or both. But in any case, how many pre-outs would I need?

If I were going to use a 4-way amp for the speakers, would I need one pre-out or two?

If I were to use a 4-way for the speakers and one for the sub, would I need two or three?

Thanks a lot!

08-16-2011, 08:21 PM
Well if you run a 4 channel that's 4 CHANNELS. Each set of pre-outs is 2 channels, so you would need two SETS of preouts for that setup. If you throw a subwoofer in there, your looking at three sets of preouts (which most good HU's will have).

Alternatively you could get away with only two sets by splitting the front preouts to both the front/back channels but you will lose front/back fadability OR by running piggybacking the subwoofer off one of the sets of preouts but in that case you will lose any direct control over the sub and you have to make sure the preout doesn't have an internal high pass filter on it.