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Item(s) for Sale:

Pioneer Avic F900BT
*Extra GPS antena bnib
*Extra BT mic

Item(s) Description/Condition:

-Face is perfect
-Volume knob is worn, but can easily be replaced with a new one.
-Used but never abused, never refurbished.

Comes with allllll the wiring, as well as an extra bnib gps antenna, and an exra bt mic (2 mics, 2 antenas total.

Works perfect. It has the original firmware in it. from what i've read up there's a free v2 on the pioneer UK website, and you can purchase or hack in v3 or v4. The differences with the newer software are faster load up time and aparently better touch response. This unit seems fine as far as touch response, it's no different in response compared to my Avic-N5. THis F-900BT does take about 30sec to load when you first turn it on, and after abotu 30sec you press the menu or map button and it's ready to rock. IMO its worth it to call pioneer and see hwo much the software costs and just do it right the first time, unless you're hack savy and want to give it a go.

One thing I do love about this deck is it has USB and SD inputs, and the custom background picture process is FINALLY simplified. Most of you who have had the Avic N or D series know it's a pain in the *** to load custom pictures. You have to resize them to a 16:9 ratio and has to be saved the right way......
......with this F900BT it's super simple. You make a "Pictures" folder and put the files in the folder....no resizing, no special saving, super duper easy. I'm a huuuge Archer fan and I currently have an Archer screen shot for the load up. This can easily be changed.

It also has a decent 3 band parametric EQ (same as my N5), HPF/LPF, 3 sets of preouts (2.2v a piece) and lots of other awesome features including Navi.

Full list of specs off Pioneers website (scroll down to the bottom and click the specific category specs):
AVIC-F900BT - In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver with DVD Playback and Built-In Bluetooth | Pioneer Electronics USA (http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/GPS-Navigation/AVIC-F900BT)


350 Shipped and insured OBO. Make me a reasonable offer, worst i can do is say no.


Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

USPS tracked and insured

Item Pictures:


Years of refs here, you're in good hands

PM with questiosn or offers. If you want to beat everyone else to the deal just shoot me $350 via paypal to [email protected] and it's yours. Please post and state the unit as sold if you shoot me the whole $350 that way I'm not doig multiple $350 refunds to people who werent quick enough lol.

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