View Full Version : new Silverado question,installers????

08-08-2011, 08:44 AM
new Silverado question,installers????
I have an 2002 ExCab.......I have 2" rear lifted seat and a very nice 2.5CF ported enclosure made up for it years ago and I love it.......Im ready to buy a 2011 Silverado......Will my box transfer over and fit in the new truck ? I am worried the trucks floorboards are different I guess........

If not ill get a crew cab and ditch the ported box and toss a sealed 1.25x1.25 into the pass area

I MUST HAVE MY BASS and I cant even think about a little shallow wimpy sub....

also if I ditch the OEM radio what will I loose besides chimes? I have not heard a chime in years and its not an issue for me