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08-02-2011, 09:56 PM
Aight.. I really didnt see another place to put this so.. I'm posting it here since this is about repairs and stuff.

Well.. the other day.. I was driving in my 98 V6 Mustang and I went over a speed bump real slow and the bottom of my car hit the bump. All was functional. I turned off the car to see if I had damaged my exhaust pipe cause it had previously been loosened (I fixed that). All was fine, but when i turned on my car.. my stereo wouldn't turn on. I got home and checked the radio... Wiring was connected correctly. ALL Fuses were all good (Tested em with a fuse tester). Fuses included the Radio fuse.. the fuses under my steering wheel and the fuses under the hood and all was functional. I Redid all the wiring and noticed that my amp didn't turn on either. So, I thought I may of blew the stereo itself.. I got my factory stereo that worked perfectly fine before and hooked it up and to my surprise, it wouldn't turn on either. When I turned on my headlights the lights on my factory stereo turned on but no buttons worked or anything. I hooked up my other stereo again and noticed it made a sound (like it was turning on) when I plugged in the harness. Still didn't work. Then I reset it.. Still nothing. I came to the conclusion that there must be a short or something in the wiring (not including the harness adapter i bought along with my aftermarket stereo) I believe I'd need a test light and check the wiring and replace the shorted wires.. I would really appreciate the help. Sorry for the little essay lol.

I have a Sony Explod Stereo with the face.
I have 2, 14 inch Pioneer Subs Hooked up to a Atx Amp (I believe its that one).. and ALL was working for about 6 months.

08-02-2011, 10:07 PM
hmm. well if everything else is functioning, it has to be the headunit. maybe when you hit a bump, it messed something internally. if all the wires are correctly intact.
have you "shaken" the headunit and hear anything rattling around?