View Full Version : Pioneer DEH-3350 / 4350 / 2350 - Folder Limit

08-01-2011, 02:54 AM

Pioneer DEH-3350 / 4350 / 2350 have folder limit for USB devices. If 250 GB USB harddisk has more than 500 folders (which is very common for my music folder have more than 500 folders), pioneer cannot read the sub folders.

My music collection is in Folder -> SubFolder -> MP3 files;
Artist Name -> [Album Year] Album Name -> MP3 files
format; so 50 Artists with 10 album names kills all folder limit :-(

1. Is there any known firmware update (approved or unapproved) for this limitation?
2. How do you advise me to take care the folder structure for my music collection in my car ? (15000 mp3 files limitation is still far away from my music collection )