View Full Version : Need to know how i can go about selling a few items i have! kinetic battery iso/relay

07-31-2011, 04:06 PM
I have a kinetik racing battery I paid 350.00 about a year ago its been inside and Used for about 2 weeks its the "big one" and i have a brand new 200 amp iso/relay never used and i have a pair of alpine type s 5x7's never hooked up.I was wondering if you guys can tell me how do i go about obtaining permission or setting up and do's and donts of selling online thanks again!

07-31-2011, 07:05 PM
check your pms

07-31-2011, 07:22 PM
hey just read the rules at the tops of the For sale sections.. Post pics with username and date..

08-04-2011, 11:19 PM
pm me how much you want for the kinetik

08-04-2011, 11:21 PM
i already grabbed that bad boy

thanks again