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Digital Designs LE310 Loaded Enclosure 10'' Subwoofer

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Only powered to test. Sounded great. Give about 400 watts to this and itll give in to your bass crave.

Specs from previous website:
Digital Designs is introducing a line of high efficiency enclosures already loaded with a high efficiency DD subwoofer; making great bass in a vehicle has never been so easy. The woofers and enclosures have been optimized to yield high output, wide bandwidth and great bass while keeping the overall enclosure size as small as possible.

The DD box system was developed over the last 15 years to deliver maximum energy from a given enclosure size. It is the space that makes the bass, not the surface area of the speakers. We have found the optimal ratios of speaker surface area for given box volumes, and developed the speaker motors/suspension systems to deliver the greatest energy possible over a wide bandwidth.

Delivering higher energy levels requires a lower cone area to port area ratio. DDbox ports do more work in the system while lowering air velocity in the port. DD woofers are made with more motor energy to drive the larger port masses. The higher work load in a DDbox puts more strain on woofers; the DD woofers in the LE systems are designed with 4 layer spider suspensions, tight-gap, double-magnet motors with Free Flow Cooling and laminated EROM surrounds for long term durability. These woofers also include our laminated lead wires and Direct Connect leads; eliminating slapping noises and terminal connection losses.

The LE boxes are made from MDF with all seams double sealed for strong, airtight joints. The surface is covered in durable black carpet with the Digital Designs logo embroidered on the top of the box. The speaker is protected by tubular steel grill bars.

The rectangular boxes use our exclusive Boundary Adjunct Linear Loading System (BALLS). The LE enclosures have each radiating element, woofer and port, on the same end of the box with the woofer and port 90 degrees apart. This increases placement options inside the vehicle where either the woofer or the port, or both, are located in close proximity to a boundary. The boundary coupling increases the effectiveness of the energy transition from the radiating areas to the air. A system designed with BALLS will deliver more energy, operate more linear across the bandwidth, hit harder and sound better. In most cases, a single driver DD system designed with BALLS will out pound typical double woofer setups while using less total box space.

Its a single 4 ohm vc configuration.


300 shipped

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