View Full Version : alpine or infinity??????????

02-21-2004, 04:59 PM
should i get the alpine s 4'' speakers or the infinity kappa 4'' speakers for my car

02-21-2004, 10:50 PM
listen to em, ppl will give u mixed reviews all comes down to how it sounds to you
if u gonna get alpine get type r, the s is lower qual
im not 2 sure bout the infinitys (meaning i have no input cause i dunno how there model line is or how they sound)

02-21-2004, 10:57 PM
i have infin ref 3.5s they have a nice tweet... dont expect to get any bass outa 4s

i got 4 JL 4s in the new car bottom out way to easy

02-21-2004, 11:15 PM
This is a good question because I am considering running all infinty in my 93 Accord 6.5 in the front and 6x9's in the back. I still have the factory system in it but I think that i want to have some highs in the back along with the 6x9's and the subs (when I get 'em) just havin highs in the front dosent seem to be that good to the back seat passengers. But I also uderstand that it all boils down to what your ears like. (but i gotta keep in mind the ears of all of my "bra wearing passengers" in the back.........)


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02-22-2004, 12:01 PM
It's basically up to personal preferences, but in my opinion, the Infinity Kappa is probably one of the cleanest sounding coaxial speakers on the mass market. They kill the Alpines. Just my opinion.

02-23-2004, 07:24 PM
The infinity's are Alot clearer than the type s. If u can get some type r's for the same price as the kappas then thats what i would do. I like the way type r's sound but its just my opinion. But the infinity kappa are very clear and reliable i have 3 1/2's in my dash and they sound awesome for such little speakers

02-23-2004, 07:46 PM
id defninitly go with the infinitys, my friend has them and they give great highs and dont start distorting when the bass is pushed on the HU

02-29-2004, 10:29 PM
well for the distortion issue just cross them over, crutchfields got cheap bass blockers at most desired frequencies i got reference 4x6 and they absolutely crank with 30w rms crossed at 300hz