View Full Version : Ohio Generator Civic alt (7th gen) and Knukonceptz capacitor

07-19-2011, 10:10 AM
I have for sale a used Ohio Generator alternator for a 7th gen Civic. I also have a 1 farad capacitor from Knukonceptz with digital voltmeter.

I had used the alternator in my civic for about a year before it had some issues. I believe it is rated at 140 amps. My dealer sent it into Ohio Gen for repair and I never re-installed it when it came back as I was looking to trade my car in. It has been sitting in my basement for 3.5 years and I decided to try and sell it or trade it for other audio stuff.

As far as the issue went, I don't know much about a car's electrical system but the best way I can describe it was that it was "surging" meaning it was still working but there was subtle light flickering. I didn't follow up on it much after I got it back and put it into storage. Also there are some bolts/brackets in the box but I can't guarantee that "everything" you need to install it is there. My dealer uninstalled it and I would assume he put everything in there but I'm just not 100% positive.

I bought the capacitor a looong time ago and never used it. Looks brand new still! This item has been sitting in my basement for even longer than the alternator, maybe 4 years.

I'd like $200 + shipping on the alternator and $30 + shipping on the capacitor. I will also consider trades on the alternator for a nice 6.5" component set.

Items will be packed well and sent via UPS ground.




07-22-2011, 11:35 AM