View Full Version : quality head unit, ipod capability, nice voltage on preouts, high and low pass etc

07-18-2011, 02:37 AM
Like the topic says these are just a few things im looking for out of a head unit... i like sound quality, a parametic eq too also.. staging is nice.. but anyway... ive owned a few nice headunits that i was happy with, i had the eclipse 8445 and one of the 5000 series of the same year, eclipse cd7000 and cd500, avic d3, and a couple older alpines (cant remember model) but anyway.. im just getting back into car audio again... i have some old things laying around like 3 mmats d200hc, mcitosh mc440, cdt hd-642... but anyway im looking for a nice head unit... i used to love my eclipse 8445 i think i had the 8447? too maybe.. but i want something with ipod interface and and something comparable in sound quality... i loved the 8v preouts... i was thinking about something with built in HD gps and touch screen again but i think you sacrifice a lil SQ with that stuff but idk... yall tell me, i been outa the game for a while.. and since eclipse isnt around anymore in the us what else is there!? help meh out kthx!