View Full Version : (2) RE Audio 05 XXX 18s walled in 91 maxima. please doublecheck port and tuning

07-17-2011, 09:08 AM
Hi I am just about finished with my wall, all I have left is cutting out the 2 18" holes and a port hole. Im trying to use winisd to figure out my tuning and Im pretty sure Ive got it right but I want to be sure.

box is 18 cu ft before displacement

port takes up 1.85 cu ft and is 20x8 and 20" long 160sq in of port area

box will be about 15.7 cu ft after port and driver displacement.

should be tuned to about 30hz

if all of that looks about right I will start cutting holes out today and start assembling the wall.

pics will be coming soon in a build thread, I also fiberglassed 2 new door panels for (4) 6s and (4) tweeters in each door.