View Full Version : help with enclosure please?

06-26-2011, 07:01 AM
hey guys jas from the great aussie land here.i am putting together a system on the cheap side in my daily driver.so far it consists of type x front splits 6.5",type r front splits 6.5" run of an apline amp.scored these beauties from my previous job.i have just bought the 4th kenwood kfc-w3009 12" sub to use in the back.i will be running 1 x kac8104d monoblock per 2 subs,another for the other 2 subs.i want to make 2 seperate enclosures as i transport my tools home every weekend (remove 1 box and replace with toolbox).then on the weekdays i can run both.would be very appreciative if anyone can give me measurements on a ported enclosure.i like bassey music techno and dance.the vehicle that it wil be going into is a 1990 mazda 121 hatch.it is like your ford festiva in the same era.the space i have to play with in the back is 900mm wide x 900mm deep x 450mm high.i am doing this just for fun.my goal is to bounce the rear wiper,even just a little bit i would be very happy.i have the following specs on the subs that i will be using.any input would be great.cheers jas.

sorry forgot to mention the subs are 200 wrms and the mono block is 500 wrms x 1 at 2 Ohms