View Full Version : Can't get Sony XDP-210eq Preamp to turn on

06-26-2011, 05:57 AM
I have a Sony CDX-C90 head unit that is connected by Sony Unilink cable to Sony XDP-210eq. I went over a bump and lost momentary power (presumably from a short ground wire) to the head unit. Now the the XDP-210 wont turn on. Its as if the head unit isn't sending the remote on signal throught the Unilink cable like it should under normal operation. I put a meter on the Unilink wire, but it is reading 12 volts at the Preamp. I got my hands on a second XDP-210 unit, and after two days, the exact same thing happened. When I short the Remote out and 12volt on the preamp, it lights up (although it still doesn't output sound) and activates the three amps that turn on via its remote out.