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06-23-2011, 11:40 PM
alright guys and girls, let me tell you about my experience with AT 60 and 80mil deadener. well first off, i was a name brand guy at first, Dynamat Extreme does cover my roof, single layer and not total coverage. My doors are covered in 1-2 layers of 60mil AT deadener and my roof is now 100% covered in 80mil AT deadener. so heres what i got to say about this deadener many of us will try hopefully.

The 80mil comes on a roll (THANK GOD) and has this new plastic backing. i didnt mind the wax paper on the 60mil, the second run of the 60mil had some issues but this was resolved with the new white plastic backing that comes off easier than anything ive used before. this includes Dynamat Extreme, Fatmat, Damplifier, and Rammat. So i purchased 2 rolls of this 80mil for my roof and back barn yard doors. heres some pics of what i had and have now...

***i would like to make this noted: it is extremely wrinkly because i put it on crooked and had to fold it onto its self kinda to install it giving me alot of wrinkles in the last picture. otherwise this stuff lays as flat as a 12yr olds chest***

the backing removes easily off of deadener
foil does not rip easily, i did rip it sometimes on sharp corners
the butyl is extremely sticky

im the first person to report this to Coleman, it may be because i was one of the first ones to receive the deadeners, the deadener didnt have time to air out before put into boxes to be shipped. but i am getting a smell. the first day it was pretty bad, after 2 days (by the end of today) it died down quickly. doesnt smell much anymore. I think this was from the plastic backing. the paper backing let out the smell as its more porous and allowed the smell to escape easier, with the plastic it tends to hold the smell in a little longer. but again IM THE FIRST ONE TO MENTION THIS TO COLEMAN. so it may just be me or my two rolls.

overall i give this deadener a 8/10 due to the smell issue i am having and the foil ripping a little. without the smell this is a 9/10, and all day 10/10 for pricing. this deadener is among the cheapest on the market for this size deadener. 10/10 for Customer Service, I told Coleman my issue with the smell and each day he would contact me asking about the smell to see if it went away, he gave me explanations of the smell issue and promised it would go away shortly. which it has so far! awesome.

I am very happy with my purchase from AT and will be ordering another roll of 60mil for my rear doors that im missing some spots and interior panels. and hopefully another roll of 80mil for my floor. Thanks Coleman!!

ps: i put the Dynamat Extreme on the roof in december of 2010, i took my headliner down this week and it was falling down. not happy with paying $4.xx per sq ft for deadener and it lasted 6 months upside down in the cooler months of the year haha. i will report back how the AT deadener holds up on the roof during the hottest summer months.

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Looks great!

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Mine I think is in........not home to check though for another 5 days.

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Sweet. Very nice! Mine will be here tomorrow:)