View Full Version : I have never built a box before(12" L5 x2)

06-19-2011, 06:07 PM
can someone please help me out by either schooling me or sending me a link to something that can give me the run down on box design and building that actually makes sense, my ADD has made it hard for me to make sense out of most of anything I have read so far, it just looks like a bunch of numbers, I understand dimension, but all of this box volume and port volume math has me soo lost, and now I will end this horrific run-on.

basically I need to know the steps In which I need to take in order to plot/design my box, if someone would be gracious enough to assist me bro bono, that would be sweet, but I don't expect handouts

The install is in a 98 Volkswagen Jetta, I am running (12" x 2) 2 ohm kicker L5s on a kicker zx1000.1

my trunk opening is barley 39" x 21" the inside is however surprisingly large, the width of the trunk floor is (38-38.5 inches) after you - the 6 inches on each side of structural support along the rear fenders, the height is 21 inches, the trunk depth is 32 inches

Just had a quick thought, would it be more efficient to run two identical elcosures for each sub, or 1 large enclosure for both subs, or one large dual chambered enclosure?

I listen to alot of rap and metal. I really want to focus on achieving louder low end. Still It would be nice to still have a little kick, but I could do without. I understand my trunk is quite difficult, but it would be awesome to have a custom built box. I need to build something because my crappy prefab bit the dust...thank god

06-19-2011, 06:15 PM
Pm Buck he does 1 dollar designs with a cut sheet.

06-19-2011, 06:26 PM
I believe his preferred method of contact is through email rather than PM.

Here is another excellent source for a design: RAM Designs - Home (http://www.ram-designs.com/)