View Full Version : EQ Questions

06-18-2011, 04:01 AM
Ok so I have had my system hooked up for about 3 weeks now. I would only turn the volume to 21-22 would be my max. People would say it would take their breath and it at first made it hard to focus when driving until I got used to it. However I installed a PowerBass EQ yesterday and OMG it is so much louder. My deck was only a 2v output and I believe this eq has a 4v output. Should I try to match the volt input on the amp to what the eq's output is? Still even if thats not matched up was is the reason for it getting so much louder? I mean I had been laughin at all the people that seemed frightened by the loudness but now after installing the eq its frightening to me to, like its that much louder. I cant turn it up past 15-16 with the sub volume turned all the way up on the eq, or maybe I could but dont know if I want it to get any louder..lol..this is with my bass knobs half way and the bass boost on the amp turned all the way down and the sub freq on the eq all the way down(30hz). What is the reason for the extreme change in volume, is it really just that eq?