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Chris Taylor
06-16-2011, 05:05 PM
ok i have a 2000 corvette and i am looking to slam it . i in installed a a custom box specs below
i have a jl audio w6 and a kicker kx400.1 just does not sound right . what do you all think replay the amp or sub woofer or both .

Mounting depth - 6 1/8" for 12" sub (based on 6" magnet) 6.75" for 10" sub (based on 6" magnet)

Mounting hole - 9 1/8" for 10" subs & 11 1/8" for 12" subs (Adjustable by request)

Total volume of airspace - 1.03ft^3 Adjustable by request (we can only reduce the airspace)

Airspace per chamber - 1.03ft^3

Chambers - 1

Style - Sealed (non Ported)

Construction - Premium MDF (not the thin, lighweight, porous mdf - we do not sacrifice sound quality to save a couple pounds)

MDF thickness -0.75"

06-19-2011, 10:11 AM
Welcome to the forum.

Let me guess: That sub is just laughing at that amp because first off its probably not the proper ohm load and second that thing is a drop in the bucket for the amount of power you can give one of those.

If I'm correct then the w6 has two 6ohm vc's when run in series demands a 3 ohm load?