View Full Version : 6x8s-RF or Alpine?

Ryde _Or_Die
02-18-2004, 04:11 PM
I am looking into the Alpine Type Rs or the CDTs right now but wanted to be sure on this. If there are others for $150 or less or even 5.25s please post them up. I want loud and clear highs most importantly. Bass from them is second, highs is what I really want them for first off.

Also my truck(95 explorer) takes 6x8s stock but they make adaptor plates that will allow for a 6.5(or5.25) and a tweeter. Is it ok for the tweeter to be that close to the woofer or should they be a certain distance apart?

Oh, the amp I'll be getting will probably be a profile clarus unless someone has some true horror stories about them. I'll go with the 50x4rms or 75x4rms depending on the speakers. Thanks for the help.