View Full Version : Pioneer TS-w3002D2 vented enclosure

05-31-2011, 09:53 PM
Hey fellas, I'm gonna be building a vented box for the pioneer ts w3002d2 subs and I have some questions. Per Pioneer's manual, the best SQ ported box is 1.6cuft (gross) with a slot port of 13" H x .54" W and only 2.5" deep (converted from the round port of 3" x 2.5"). Now I know this sub is made to work is small enclosures, but these numbers really seem out of whack to me...especially the vent length. By my math, a 1.6cu box (1.42 after sub displacement) with a port surface area of 7.065sq" (the area the 3" diameter they suggest has/same as a slot port of 13"x.5") would need a 12.5" in port depth to be tuned at the subs resonant frequency of 30hz. The specs they give would have the box tuned to 52hz. Am I missing something or are they really indicating that their SQ enclosure is tuned to 52hz?? Was the 2.5" in the manual a typo that meant to read 12.5"? Any help would be much appreciated...

06-01-2011, 02:28 AM
I'd just avoid those recommendations altogether. Unless the sub has really weird specs, you generally can't go wrong with 1.75-2.25ft^3 with a 33-35hz tuning for most 12" subs on the market.