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05-31-2011, 12:01 PM
Hi guys haven't been around for a while. But I come back bringing and OPINION for those interested. First of all my head unit I've had for a couple years now is a Nakamichi 45z. Its an older unit I know. So I recently and locally bought an MX5000 McIntosh head unit. I had to build a small enclosure and run the wires with a RCA input switch box. Thus being able to switch the input to the amps between the two head units with a push of the button. I have a pretty good collection of MFSL Cd's so I thought why not compare them head to head with the same discs. Now simultaneous loading both discs and playing as close to in sync as possible. Now to insure impartiality I had my GF sit in the back seat and flip the inputs between the decks on the switch box. I would listen for a bit then she would switch the input. Back and forth....back and forth over the course of a few discs. The input I chose was the first one and that was the NAK. Now the mac did perform and win my choice for one disc. That disc was tears for fears on MFSL. Probably due to the way the MAC does bass a tad better. For bass heads there you go. The bass of the MAC is a little punchier but both decks the bass is clean and not at all muddy.

Key piece of info. There were no EQ's connected. All were direct connections to the amps. With the tone controls neutral. So the decks raw unmolested sound quality was being heard.

That being said both decks sounded really nice. The low end of the MAC is a little more pronounced and that's probably due to the capacitor selection internally. As far as mid range sound quality and the high end accuracy the NAK is better. Not by much but its more accurate and detailed. Now I am not a MAC hater. But whatever Nakamichi does is incredible.

Has anyone else done any head to head comparisions?

Bumpin' Goalie
05-31-2011, 12:38 PM
Thanks for the post. :)