View Full Version : F/S Barely Used JBL MS-8 $500 Inc/Shipping

05-23-2011, 01:46 PM
Item(s) for Sale: One barely used JBL MS-8

Item(s) Description/Condition: I have to list this item as used because I did install it and play with it. It was installed for a total of four weeks but only run for two of them because I decided to go back to my original setup after a week and then after reading more about the unit decided to try it one more time.

Price: $500 via PayPal (includes shipping - see below)

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Price includes regular ground FedEx shipping to anywhere in mainland US. Shipping to Canada will be considered. Expedited options at request and expense of buyer. I will only use UPS at the expense of the buyer.

Item Pictures:

26524874 26524872 26524873 26524871

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05-23-2011, 08:56 PM
Do you have any references? any trades?

05-23-2011, 09:02 PM
refs? Going to be a hard sell when no one knows you... id be interested maybe but I have done alot of business on here and you havent

05-23-2011, 10:15 PM
No references on here, no. I knew that might be a problem but I posted anyway. If you Google my username you'll see I'm on a lot of forums and have done reviews on different sites. I think it was this site that I bought my subs from a guy in Canada but I can't remember his username. I'll see if I can dig it out. I completely understand not purchasing based on my experience here. I mostly sell stuff on ebay under my work username of autometaldirect. You can look that up if you want. You'll see me registered on Facebook and on multiple forums associated with my work. That's all I can offer. I figured this might be a better place to sell since its car audio specific. Oh, I have posted most on Ford-Taurus.net forums. If that helps. If I don't sell it here ill put it up on eBay. No worries.

05-24-2011, 07:25 PM
Ok, I looked it up. I bought my subs from eclipsefool on here back in April 2010. That's all I've done from this site, though.

By the way, if anybody knows where I can get a pair of Hybrid Audio L1s and L6s I am looking to buy those with the money from this.