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02-16-2004, 04:18 PM
right now i am trying to decide wether to get sum cdt Cl-61a components for my 2002 camry and sum cdt cl-6x slim series 6.5 for my rear fill but i have a few questions and problems. Would these sound good together and would it be ok to run them off the head unit ( the cl-6x) and how much power should i give the components? would using a rockford 401s amp that gives 100 rms x 2 at 4ohms be fine? and i also have a problem with the tweeters how would i instal these becuase i dont really want to make a hole to put them in so is there ne other way i can set these up without cutting ne thing. help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

02-16-2004, 09:08 PM
they should be fine with only HU power, just don't expect to get a lot of detail and midbass out of them. they will be very happy with that rf amp. the tweeters can be surface mounted on the dash.

02-16-2004, 10:26 PM
thanks for the help but i also have another question about leaving sum speakers in cuz i have 3 1/2 inch speakers on the top of my dash should i leave them in or take them out? would they have an impact on the sound?

02-16-2004, 11:42 PM
Personally I think the CDT are OK at best running off of HU power but that RF amp will really make them come alive.

If i had your car I would put the midbass in the doors and rig up a way to mount the tweeters behind the 3.5" speaker grills after removing the factory speakers.

That way you should get pretty good imaging and will retain a completely stock look to your dash.

02-17-2004, 12:26 AM
so it would be ok if i put the tweeters where my 3.5 speakers r right now?

02-17-2004, 10:37 AM
If I remember right the 3.5" speakers are in the top of the dash right near the base of the A-pillars, right?
If so it will sound nice with the tweeters there.

Just try to picture a triangle from your head when sitting in the seat and connecting to each tweeter. You want to try and get close to making it an equilatteral triangle so the tweeters are close to the same distance from you.

02-17-2004, 11:44 AM
you can do what pete said, put the tweeters in the 3.5 location. experiment with different angles and you should be able to get a pretty nice result.

02-17-2004, 12:28 PM
ya i think im gonna put them were the 3.5" speakers are thanks for your help. now i jus gotta wait to next week to order them.