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1. Product:

TC Sounds TC 3000 15" Q1.4ohm

2. Specs:

What makes the TC-3000 The New Standard for low distortion intense SPL below 600 dollars? See what's inside that makes it the best solution for those who are ready for the next level of SQL!

Advanced FEA Motor System
- Triple stacked 3/4" tall ferrite magnets and long T-yoke
- 215oz top grade magnet structure
- Large anti-flux modulation aluminum shorting ring to lower distortion
- Low carbon steel used for the gap plate and t-yoke
- Large pole vent for lower distortion and cooling capabilities.

Advanced high excursion soft part system
- Dual high excursion 10" linear roll poly-cotton spiders
- Integrated woven leads to prevent lead-slap
- Quad lead wires decreases lead wire resistance to improve heat dispersion.
- 3" diameter, 8-layer flat aluminum wire voice coil with an anodized aluminum former
- Extra spacing in-between spiders for lateral stability
- Quad 1.4ohm (2 ohm nominal) voice coil configuration
- Ultra strong, brushed and powder coated titanium cone (TC Sounds exclusive design)
- 1" wide long throw tall profile, highly durable NBR surround
- High quality thermal flexible epoxies to ensure longevity

Patented custom cast aluminum frame
- Extra clearance under the suspension for dynamic high excursions
- Wide spider landings for higher than average throw
- Patented detachable method for easy and fast and recones or repairs
- Durable high gloss black powder coat and chrome vc mesh guards

- Effective motor force of 160 Newtons2 per watt (BL2/Re)
- 1000 watts continuous power (3000 watts peak)
- 30mm BL XMax (voice coil, one-way)
- 46mm XMech (mechanically limited, one-way)

15" TC-3000 QVC
Qts 0.308
Qes 0.324
Qms 6.10
Fs 22hz
Res 4.63?
Ls 9.2 mH
Lp 20.2mH
Rp 27.66?
Dia 325mm
Vas 146l
mms 373g
cms 140um/N
bl 27.1T*m
Spl 88.6dB

3. Description/Condition:

Used but in good condition, one small ding in the cone, can be seen in pics. Also 3 of the terminals were coming lose and one was cracked but all have been fixed and work 100% and one of the mounting points has a small crack in it, it's a common problem but worth noting so no issues come up. They can also be seen in the pics.

4. Price: :

$300 + shipping ABSOLUTLY NO TRADES

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