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04-20-2011, 08:47 AM
1. Product: hifonics bxi2006

2. Specs:

Super D-Class Monoblock Amplifier
RMS Power Ratings:

* 1 ohm: 2000 watts x 1 channel
* 2 ohms: 1300 watts x 1 channel
* 4 ohms: 650 watts x 1 channel

BXi AccuCrossTM active electronic cross-over permits full adjustment of:

* Bass EQ, Subsonic Filter, Low-Pass & Phase Shift features

RCA Input level control permits matching the amplifier input level (gain) to the CD/Receivers output level. Or the Balanced Input will accept BLD Line-Driver levels from 4 to 18-volts.
The Brutus BXi bass remote controls the subwoofer output signal from the drivers seat.
For multi-amp daisy chaining, the RCA line inputs transfer the pure untouched audio signal directly to the line output RCA jacks, bypassing any crossover settings
Hifonics New Illuminated Heat-Sink Design With Blue LED Light Pumps
Hifonics Blue Illuminated Logo
Maxxsonics Illuminated "M" End Panel Logo
Heavy-Duty Ultra-FiTM MOSFETS
Highly Efficient Super D-Class Amplifier Circuitry With Oversized MOSFET Output
Fully Adjustable Accu-CrossTM Crossovers
18dB Variable Bass Equalization @ 45Hz
180 Variable Phase Control (15 to 35Hz)
Dash-Mountable Bass Remote Control Included
Variable 24dB Subsonic Filter
Brutus Pulse Wave Modulated MOSFET EXVP (Exponential Vari-Power Supply)
Twin-Turbo Torroid Coil Design
HSMD Hifonics Surface Mount Design
Balance Line Inputs for our 18-Volt Line Drivers
RCA Line Output for Amplifier Daisy Chaining
Gold Oversized 2-Gauge Power Connectors
Dimensions: 16.50"L x 10.39"W x 2.63"H

3. Description/Condition:

amp powers up fine. no protection. it does not have any output...nothing looks burnt on the inside... should be a easy cheap fix. i just don't have the time to mess with it. i need $$$$

i can send it to db-r if you want me to....

it is missing 4 speaker terminal screws.(easily bought at ace hardware) the hot and ground terminal screws are intact..it will have the bottom cover attached..

4. Price: :
105.00 shipped in the cont usa...

6. Pictures:


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04-20-2011, 09:08 AM
Does the output relay ever click on after power up?

04-20-2011, 09:29 AM

it does not put any dc on the speaker wires. it will put out around 1 volt of ac with the rca's plugged in or not... its probably something real simple to fix.. my o-scope took a crap on me, so i cant check anything. :(