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I originally bought this for my wife's car. Well she wants something different. SO it's up for sale. Everything works great and buttons and such. Sent it to my TECH before this sell as I like to make sure everything is 100% got a clean bill of health and he states WORKS AND FEEL LIKE NEW

Offering up for sale as a package first then will separate if i have individual buyers.

FULL SPECS HERE (http://www.crutchfield.com/p_099AVN6600/Eclipse-AVN6600.html?tp=20212&tab=features_and_specs)

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General Features

6.5" Widescreen TFT Display: The Eclipse AVN6600 is equipped with a 6.5" Widescreen TFT low-reflection display with touch control. The LCD panel has 280,800 pixels (400 x 234 x 3). The motorized screen slides down and out to allow you access to the disc slots. You can also set the display panel to one of 6 angles between 0 and 30 for best viewing.

Dual Disc Slots: Behind the motorized LCD panel, the AVN6600 has two disc slots: one for DVDs, CDs and MP3/WMA discs, and another for the supplied Eclipse Navigation disc. You can independently load and eject discs from each slot, allowing you to listen to a CD or MP3/WMA disc while using the DVD navigation function.

Digital Signal Processor: The unit's DSP offers three sound adjustments for total audio control:

Soundfield Control: The DSP's Soundfield Control features 5 distinctive acoustic environments to match your listening tastes: Concert, Live, Cathedral, Club, and Theater.
7-Band Parametric EQ: Using the touchscreen controls, you can adjust the following EQ bands +/-10dB in 2dB steps: Band 1: (63Hz, 80Hz, or 100Hz), Band 2: (125Hz, 160Hz, or 200Hz), Band 3: (250Hz, 315Hz, 400Hz, or 500Hz), Band 4: (630Hz, 800Hz, 1kHz, or 1.25kHz), Band 5: (1.6kHz, 2kHz, 2.5kHz, or 3.15kHz), Band 6: (4kHz, 5kHz, 6.3kHz, or 8kHz), and Band 7: (10kHz, 12.5kHz, or 16kHz). You can select the Q Factor from Q1 (Wide), Q2 (Normal) or Q3 (Narrow). In addition, the unit's EQ has five memory presets. You can also set the EQ to "Flat".
Listening Position: The digitally time-aligned listening position settings approximates the ideal position of being equidistant from the speakers. You can select one of four listening positions: front left, front right, all front, or all rear. You can also set the balance and fade volume controls using the touch controls.

Circle Surround II: The AVN6600 features SRS's Circle Surround II audio enhancement technology to upmix any program material to full surround effects on 4-speaker systems. The Focus feature raises the soundfield and positions it in front of the listeners, while TruBass generates a virtual subwoofer that appears to come from the small full-range speakers.

5-Volt, Low-Impedance Preamp Outputs: To assure a clean, strong signal to connected amplifiers, the AVN6600 has 3 pairs of 5-volt preamp outputs with an impedance of 55Ω. High-voltage, low-impedance outputs give you a very high signal-to-noise ratio and a wide dynamic range.

A/V Inputs/Outputs: The AVN6600 is equipped with one audio/video input with composite video and stereo RCA audio jacks for connecting a VCR or game console. Video from the A/V input can only be viewed when the vehicle is stopped and the parking brake engaged. The unit also has a composite video output for connecting an external monitor.

Dual Play: When an optional rear seat monitor is used, you can provide rear seat entertainment separate from what's being heard or viewed by the front seat passengers. When Dual Play is turned on, you can select Disc (DVD, CD, MP3/WMA) or TV (Live TV broadcasts using an optional TV tuner). Rear seat audio is played through the monitor's built-in speaker or optional headphones. Dual Play combinations can be as follows:


$550 for everything OBO

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not interested in a set of 22" TIS 07 rims are you?

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not interested in a set of 22" TIS 07 rims are you?

Sorry SOLD the until earlier today