View Full Version : Hello, Im a noob and i need help lol

04-17-2011, 05:50 PM
I currently live in florida, i just moved from california and had to sell my jeep:(. Anyways, Im looking for work right now and plan on buying a 2005 Infiniti G35 sport coupe and want to learn more about car audio. Ive used the search feature and havnt found a "learn the basic" thread or threads. I just want to learn more about all parts of an audio system because i plan on upgrading from the stock bose system as in the G35 it *****. thank you for any help you can give me

04-17-2011, 06:03 PM
first off welcome to the forum. second, sick *** car. I have my eye on an 08 in my area right now. Third, what is your budget for a new system which includes - Head unit, components and coax's, 4ch amplifier, subwoofer, subwoofer box, monoblock amplifier, and ALLLLL the electrical upgrades and install wires and accessories needed.