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02-12-2004, 03:32 PM
I have a 2002 quad cab. I have a set of Kicker 6x9 coaix in the front doors and a set of Kicker 5.25 coaix in the rear doors (blown). Also have a set of Kicker R19's in the front pillars. I have read through the threads and have decided to loose the rear fill and concentrate on the front sound stage. I am looking at the JLxr650 comps. I really like the x-over networks they come with. (open to other suggestions) I am going to put the JL's in a set of Q-logic kick panels. Also I would like to add another set of Jl xr650's to the front factory locations (lower door and in the pillar) Think I am asking for trouble running two sets of components in the front - cancelation or phaseing problems? Already set to spend $550 on the front sound stage. Will be running off of a Kicker 600.4 or 2 Hifonics zx4000's. Running a 15 sealed and 2 jl10w3vs sealed if that helps. Having some cancelation problems subs that I posted in the sub section if anybody can help with that.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


02-12-2004, 05:16 PM
If ur already running jl speakers just stick to jls.