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04-12-2011, 03:07 AM
Alright so im more into subs and stuff for my vehicles but ive decided to take the subs out of my truck and leave them out. this leaves me with a nice looking box but nothing to do with it. so i got to thinking today, i always see coolers with speakers in em at partys i should make something out of that box. something i can set on the floor of the garage for a party or in the house if i just wana listen to music

So what ive got so far is a box about 5 feet wide with a ten inch sub hole on each side and from my newbie car setup i still have my Dual 600 watt 4 channel amp. Also have a Memphis one i could use to if i really have to but i dont want to.

Im looking at putting in two 6x9s maybe a couple 6s and then two subs.

In the middle of the box there is a nice area to put a radio. is it possible to use a aftermarket car radio for this project? if so how would that work?

Can i make it so i can just plug it into a wall outlet or will i need to run it off car batt?

This doesnt have to bump like my cars do but id like it to sound good. and its a low budged project, so im prolly going to use sony subs and crap like that. im sure some drunk will wreck it anyways.

Thanks for the help

04-12-2011, 03:13 AM
umm, dont run a single chamber for all speakers because the subs pressure will damage the other speakers.. as far as power. you can mount a simple computer power supply onto the box and run just the 12v rails to any car amp you want and itll just plug into a wall. your head unit can go in the box and you can run short RCAs to an amp that is mounted in/on the box as well as the other wires (shorter is better). from there on, just figure out a way to section off the other speakers from the sub. you could build separate boxes and mount them to your box or put walls inside the subs box to enclose the speakers from the sub chamber. piecacake

04-12-2011, 03:22 AM
I planned on sectioning it off messed up a set of subs in this box already by too much pressure. whats a computer supply box? (excuse my ignorance) How would the head unit wire up? ive done many vehices but there are so many wires that seem unneeded. i dont need the tunner or anything. just want it for cds and my ipod.

04-12-2011, 03:31 AM
a computer power supply (PSU for Power Supply Unit) is the little fan cooled metal box inside of a computer that powers the computer. since computers hardware runs on DC power, the Power Supply is perfect for car audio. you can buy a PSU at any big electronics store or on newegg.com and get one that is at least 600w. you will tie all of the yellow (12v) wires together and all of the black (ground) wires together and a few other wires that will make the power supply turn on when you flip the switch.. from there you have a 12v power supply. for the head unit, you will tie the yellow and red wires together and tie them to the Yellow on the power supply. then put the black wire from the head unit with the black wires from the power supply. this will turn the head unit on when the power supply is on. the green, gray, white, and purple wires from the head unit are all speaker wires so those will power your speakers. the sub amp will also be wired up to the power supply. you will put the Yellow power supply wires into the 12v terminal on the amp, and the black ground wires from the power supply to the ground terminal on the amp.. then you will take a small piece of wire and connect it between the remote wire terminal and the 12v terminal. this will turn the amp on when the power supply is on. then connect your RCAs and youre set.

When I do these builds, i use a headphone to RCA adaptor and run that to the input on the amp so that i can just run the whole system off of an MP3 player or phone. this eliminates the head unit all together and is really handy but then you need to power your speakers with a diff amp.

04-12-2011, 01:29 PM
To be honest after buying all the necessary equipment to make it run properly it is going to end up being more expensive than picking up an used home stereo receiver and a pair of tower speakers off of craigslist. I've seen a complete set of home stereo with big speakers for around $100 or less.

I picked up a Kenwood KR-V6070, a 5-disc CD changer and two BIC Venturi speakers for $40 on my local craigslist.