View Full Version : Looking To Upgrade SPR-17C & Stay Under $200 - Help

04-04-2011, 12:44 AM
I have a Chevy Trailblazer SUV, Computer as a Radio Headunit (using the onboard soundcard 3.5mm > RCA), Alpine MRP-F300 powering four Alpine SPR-17C 2-Way door speakers. Also have a MRP-M500 powering a JL Audio 10w6v2.

I have been very happy with my speakers and setup, and now I have a little cash to play with so I am looking to upgrade. I'm thinking I'd like to upgrade to a component set only because when I drive my leg rest's on the door and blocks some of the sound coming from the door speaker (I hope that doesnt make me sound crazy :D ).

My budget is $200 and I'll be keeping the current speakers in the rear doors. I'm just looking to upgrade the front set. I've looked into the component version of the ones I have now, Alpine SPR-17C and all of the review's have said they were too bright and too harsh. The next step up in Alpine's line of speakers would be the X "REF" series I guess? Those I havent really considered seriously because of my small door speaker amp (50x4 at 4ohm).

Not necessarily looking to stay with Alpine, just giving feedback on what I've looked into.

From the little bit I've heard/read/installed I have no experience with component speakers, that is why I am turning to you experts for a point in the right direction :)

Thanks alot for any advice/input. It is all greatly appreciated.