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03-31-2011, 10:22 AM
Item(s) for Sale:
I bought these for a ultimate system in a G37. I sold the car & they are way to big to use in my 280z or supra. I wish I could but I want some rims. I boulht these off a fellow DIYMA.com member & don't believe they were ever mounted. They look perfect!

Item(s) Description/Condition:
Asking $425 with me covering shipping

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04-08-2011, 10:33 AM
$325 + shipping

06-21-2011, 04:37 AM
Hi, just checking to see if you still have these . . .

06-21-2011, 11:16 AM
I do. I paid $425 from a fellow diyma member. I never installed them & I'm 99% sure he didn't either. They are perfect. I was going to use them in a G37 but sold the car & they won't work in my current cars. I figure shipping will be $30 or so. If you will go $340, I'll cover the rest reguardless of the total. I'm headed out of town tonight for a few days. I could ship tomarrow if you want.

06-29-2011, 01:36 AM
I PMed you . . . I'm ready to buy these!!!!!

06-30-2011, 03:24 PM
Will ship as soon as you pay.


07-06-2011, 09:34 AM
Hey thanks for the payment. I will ship tomarrow Thursday 7/7. I will give tracking info.

Sorry I missed seeing this over the weekend.