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03-28-2011, 11:42 PM
Hello guys. I have a doubt. I found the unit I was looking for Clarion DRZ9255.
Anyways, from what i heard someone tried to steal the HU from the car and did cut the DC / DC Converter.
Anyways, my doubt is: Can it be fixable? What converter should i buy to replace the one stolen?
Will it have the same power and sound quality as if it was with the older converter.
I am asking that because from what i saw on the web site of clarion, it seems a unique converter.

Here is the info about it.
================================================== ======================
"The DRZ9255ís DC / DC Converter Keeps Great Sound In and Keeps Noise Out

The DRZ9255 is truly an audiophile source unit. Its external DC / DC converter is comprised of components of the highest quality from its input wiring through its chassis to its output fuses. This power supply gives the DRZ9255 both strength and precision, and its six-sided shielded casing repels noise even during high-load bursts. To prevent even the smallest vibration, the power supply is wrapped in a die-cast aluminum casing and a copper plated chassis. Toroidal choke coils inside the power supply minimize induced vehicle noise and loss of power. A large capacity low impedance condenser allows this external component to supply pure power. Clarion takes this one step beyond by equipping this power supply with a gold plated connection terminal to further minimize power loss."
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I hope you guys can help me. THanks a lot.

04-02-2011, 10:10 PM
help please guys.