View Full Version : Looking for head unit advise if you have time

03-26-2011, 03:14 PM
Hey all, haven't posted around here in a while.

I know you guys probably get these questions 20 times a day, and I have read around a couple of them, but haven't had much time to dig in too deeply.

I recently purchased a 2011 STi hatch - love the car... but the stereo is terrible. Supposedly the head unit is the main 'bottleneck' per say. I was thinking about getting an ms-8 and throwing it in, but I was planning on replacing the head unit eventually with either a carPC or a nicer head unit and thought I would start there.

I am kind of leaning away from the carPC at this point - I just want to keep it simple.

I have an old USAmps150 and an equally old Rockford Fosgate 5th order sub box (either 2x 8" or 6" actually inside of it). They are probably 20 years old give or take 5. I think it's actually older than me - got it off my father. Good quality stuff and have had it in past systems. I'd like to incorporate them as well soon after the head unit install. I'd like to hold off amping and replacing the door speakers with components until later when I'm a bit more financially stable.

Sooo, I come to the head unit debate. The car comes with a double din in it, so I'd rather use the space up and get a nice double din. I am not particular with features, but navigation would be a nice perk. I am assuming most if not all good sounding head units come with bluetooth and the other common features like aux input and such anymore. I think I'd rather stick with Alpine or Pioneer from past experience.

If I can get away with a nice head unit, and avoid the sound processor for a pretty good sounding system, then I am all up for saving $600 and putting money into the head unit. Fire away some good suggestions. I would rather buy new, but if there was a great deal, I'd take it. I found a deal on a Pioneer F90BT for about $500. Thoughts?

Thanks guys, I know it is a general question. Looking for any advise you have.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, for as much as I have loved my Eclipse units in the past, I am so tired of dealing with Fujitsu. I have just had such a bad experience with them in the past that I would rather avoid them as long as their are decent options elsewise.