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03-21-2011, 06:17 PM
I currently have a Pioneer Premier deh-p860mp (13band graphic eq, low and high crossovers with variable slopes, signal timing, and full sub control) . I really like the way it sounds and all the processing power that it has but I think the PICO fuse is blown. The display is also pretty dated and the Ipod module that I got has a horrible interface.

What I am looking for is recommendations for another HU that has similar sound processing. My car is 2010 370Z. A double din fits stock location, but I am not opposed to a single. I would prefer the $300-$400 range but really can't go over $500. Blue tooth and movie watching doesn't matter to me.

03-21-2011, 06:42 PM
pioneer 3200dvd 4300 ect. I beleive it has a 7 band eq ect...Which is usually enough. 4v preouts, 22 rmsx4, i think it might have the 24bit burr brown dac...Overall nice clean unit and can be had for under 300 new.

03-21-2011, 06:54 PM
I wouldnt touch another Pioneer unless its a a PRS800 or PRS880.

In no specific order these are what I would consider:

Pioneer PRS800/PRS880 (Same internally, different face plate colors)
Eclipse CD7000, CD7100, or CD7200 MKii (Deadhead)
Alpine CDA-9887 or 9886

The Eclipse and Alpine will be your most common and the easiest to get. You can get a used and mint 9886 and 9887 for right around $200 with the iPod cable.

03-23-2011, 03:33 AM
buy this good deal


03-23-2011, 11:15 AM
kenwood x994 5 band eq time alignment built in crossover