View Full Version : Anyone heard of the JVC CS-FS60 6.5" components sold at Futureshop? Sounded VERY good

03-19-2011, 07:17 PM
Im usually weary of speakers sold by big box chains as they arent usually very good quality for the price, but a few days ago I was curious and had a listen to the lowest end component speakers they had at Futureshop...the JVC CS-FS60 6.5" components for $70 CAD.

Out of the entire rack of components and even some coaxials that I listed to, I found these low end components had very clear sound. In comparison, the Alpine SPS-600C components that retail for $160 sounded very muffled next to these JVCs. Dont know how the system in the showroom was setup obviously, and I also didnt have much time to listen carefully but my first impressions were very good. It appeared that they all came from the same headunit. Whether it was amped or not, Im not sure. Now I usually wont even bother with brands such as Sony, JVC, etc in the car audio world, but there was something about these speakers that really sounded nice to me. Low end response wasnt too good, but mids and highs were very smooth and detailed.

Obviously these cant compete with $300+ components, but for something <$150...just wondering if anyone else has heard these and could comment? Thanks.

JVC 6 1/2" 2-Way Car Speaker (CS-FS60) : 6 1/2" Speakers - Future Shop (http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/jvc-6-1-2-2-way-car-speaker-cs-fs60/10124176.aspx?path=373c0969df176191c6619d915c49ef2 cen02)