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03-15-2011, 06:51 PM
Item(s) for Sale:

DLS IR3 Grills
(1) DLS IR3 Midrange speaker + a repaired IR3 speaker included with the sale of the good one listed.
DLS UR1 Tweeter

Item(s) Description/Condition:

DLS IR3's are hands down the best midrange speakers I've used. I plan on gettign another pair very soon. For the money you can't go qrong with the incredible quaity these are.

-Grills are mint. You cannot get these anywhere. DLS direct doesn't sell these and you cannot get them from the american rep in miami. You can only get these IR3 grills alone in private sales like this.

-I have a pair of IR3's that I bought off DIYMA recently and one of them and one of them went bad within a week or two (probably why they were sold relatively cheap). I gues syou get what you pay for. The good news it's only one of the speakers that went bad (buzzes and makes unpleasent sounds on certain freqs, especially acoustic guitar notes). The other speaker is near flawless (no dimples on the dome or anything). Plays like a champ and is CRYSTAL clear off my ppi arts :)
---I have another IR3 speaker from a different set that has two patched holes in the surround. that IR3 still sounds great 90% of the time, only sounds funky on a few specific notes here or there, and only does so at full volume. I will include this repaired speaker for free with purchase of the good IR3

-I also have a pair of DLS Ultimate UR1 series tweeters. I also got these in the package off DIYMA. Both works great and sound stellar. One tweeter has a broken off grill piece (check the pics), and the other speaker has a tiny knick here or there. Aside from the grill on one of them they are in decent condition and play flawlessly. PODS NOT INCLUDED


IR3 Grills - 70 shipped (again, these are incredibly rare to find by themselves)
IR3 speaker + repaired IR3 speaker - 70 shipped
UR1 tweeters - 100 shipped

Prices are OBO within reason. If you buy several of these at once I can be flexible on the price.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Fedex Ground. Insured

Item Pictures:

Everything is pictures exept the face of the good IR3. Trust me when I say it is in perfect condition. I will work on getting pics of the other repaired IR3 up later.


Ref's: Years of selling here. You're in good hands.

PM me with questions or offers.

03-15-2011, 06:58 PM
btw i ran the DLS IR3's at 400hz/18db and 500hz/12db up to 5khz 12db/18db off an underrated 50w and 75w.....they sounded phenominal.

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no trades :(

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prices obo

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Priiiiiiiiice Drops :)

DLS IR3 Midranges w/ grills included - 80 Shipped OBO

DLS UR1 Tweeters - 80 shipped OBO

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prices obo