View Full Version : HELP w/ AVIC-N5 Needed....uploading custom backgrounds, parking brake wire...?

03-13-2011, 12:18 AM
if anyone with avic-n5 experience please help....

im trying to upload cusotm background pics from a cd onto my avic-n5....i've followed the manual's instructions with no luck. I called pioneer twicee and no luck. I have under the max limit of pics in the "PICTURES" folder (max of 20). I have every picture under the max pixel resultion requirements. I have tried just over and just under the "filler" files needed in the root folder (pioneer tech says any non pic, music, or video files can be used to be filler ot meet the min space requirement....which is like 1.8mb for a cd, and 170mb for a dvd....

I've tried all this with NO luck. please someone help me firgure out how to get my pics onto my deck for custom backgrounds

I've also noticed taht the voltage on my seperate voltometer (wired to the igition wire up front) does not match the voltage displayed through the unit....they hare about a half volt off from each other.

ALSO, most avic in the past you just take the green parkign brake wires (sometime 2 of them) and ground them. Is it the same for the N5? I grounded the green wires and its acting like it's not bypassed.

any info would be helpful. thanks guys

03-14-2011, 08:38 PM
AVIC411.com (http://www.avic411.com) FTW....got a great start on fixing my issues.