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MB Quart DSC-2150

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Used this amp in my install I swapped it out for a Memphis ST-163004, The Quart is in Absolutly MINT condition works flawlessly comes with the Orignal Box and all the doc's and mounting screw's and pads.

◦Discus Series Class A/B 2-Channel Car Amplifier
◦RMS Power Rating:
◦4 ohms: 150 watt x 2 chan.
◦2 ohms: 300 watt x 2 chan.
◦Bridged Power 4 ohm : 600 Watts x 1-Channel
◦THD : 0.05%
◦Signal-to-Noise Ratio (dB) : 92dB
◦Frequency Response (Hz) : 10Hz~1.2kHz
◦Built-in Crossover : Yes
◦High-Pass Crossover Frequency : 10Hz~1.2kHz
◦Low-Pass Crossover Frequency : 35Hz~250Hz
◦Bass Boost : 0dB~9dB
◦Bass Remote : N/A
◦Fan Cooled : N/A
◦Fuse Rating : 60A
◦Bass Boost : 45Hz from 0dB~9dB
◦Input Level Sensitivity : 0.2V~6V
◦Dimensions:9.45"W x 2.7"H x 14.96"L


155.00 shipped ConUS only OR Trade for an Audiocontrol Matrix 6 channel Line Driver <-- this is the only trade I will accept..

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Shipping is included in the price!

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