View Full Version : Adding a second switchable USB port to my head, is it possible?

03-05-2011, 04:42 PM
I own a Kenwood KDC-MP342U head and wanted to wire in a second USB port in back so I could keep an iPod with my library on it in the glove compartment, but still be able to switch to the front port if someone else wants to plug their iPod in. I have a female USB port that I desoldered out of a PCI usb hub from an old computer. I was planning on opening the head and soldering a wire from the data in, out, and ground of the second port to their respective places on the circuit board where the main USB connects, and then desoldering the original USB power connector and running a cable from the circuit board power to an SPDT switch where I can switch it between the front and back ports. In theory it should work, I'm just unfamiliar with head modifications and was wondering if this was safe to do. On second thought, if you know, should I use a DPDT and switch the data in/out instead? I don't want the head send or receive any data to/from the device that it isn't switched too, and I figured the power would do that but on second thought you don't have to send power to a device for it to work. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!