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02-26-2011, 09:39 PM
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A/D/S S7 Pair

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These are some older S7's that I got with some other old school A/D/S gear that I also have for sale right now. They were never mistreated and only saw an underrated 70w @ 4ohms rms off an A/D/S PQ20. I have the original receipt showing the cost of $220 for the pair. They were bought new and have had only one original owner before I got my hands on them today. They were used conservatively and stored away for many years.

I couldnt find much for spec but of what I did find:
4 ohm
70w RMS
140w MAX

Will play down as low as 30hz (good place for the SSF), recommended LPF at 70hz if you go down that low. If you have the SSF raised higher, you can also raise the LPF and get decent midbass up to about 200Hz out of these. They also perform best in IB installs. SO they'll kick *** in your doors if you can fit them.

Outter mounting diameter is 7.5in, inner mounting diameter looks to be 6.5in. Depth is exactly 3in from bottom of the magnet to bottom of the basket. Bottom of the basket to top of the grill is 7/8th inch.

The coils read perfect, the speakers play perfect, and the grills are near mint. There's a scuff on one of the cones but its just the top layer of the cone. It its not deep at all, the cone feels fine at that spot (it's not weakend) and the performance is no effected....with the grills on they look perfect.

There is one refurbished S7 on ebay right now with 2 noticable dents in the surround and no grill for $74 shipped.


$100 shipped for the pair (grills included).

You wont find another pair again, or as good of sounding SQ speakers for this cheap. These are VERY rare.

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Fedex Ground, Insured

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Ref's: Years of selling here. You're in good hands.

PM me with any questions.

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