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02-25-2011, 07:12 PM
1. Product:
PPI Art a300

2. Specs:
You all should know what this is. For the money it's easily some of the cleanest power you can get. Mid 90's USA made auditory bliss.

75w x 2 @ 4ohms
150w x @ 2ohms
300w x 1 @ 4ohms bridged

I use a pair of art ax400's in my daily, and thier underrated 50w per ch is absolutely wonderful. My 3 way front stage gets plenty loud and is the cleanest nicest sounding front stage i've used to date. I'm sure there's some adcom/zapco/etc stuff out there that is higher end.....but those'll most likely rape your wallet. You really can't find that many old school amps built to this standard when you're on a budget.

This a300 will melt your face on a nice set of components, or you can run a front set and back set to a 2 ohm stereo load and just sacrifice your fader control...but who uses that anyway when you have a nice front stage?

3. Description/Condition:

Okay here's the kicker.....The amp is kind of beat up looking. Given that it is pushing 17-18 years old sometimes these guys get scuffed up alot like this one.

The realllly good news is this amp has never been blown/repaired. The guy I got it from was the 2nd owner and has had this amp for about 10 years (never ran it under 4ohms stereo). He bought it from the original owner who bought it new. Although there is no waranty sticker seal on the back cover, i opened her up and the board looks perfect. No signs of work having been done to it.

If you're not worried about cosmetics and just want a high end 2ch for cheap this amp will be perfect for you. You can always mount it out of sight, in sight, or build a cool enclosure to show off the **** board. You will not find a better quality 2ch this cheap

and of course the amp is tested and fully functional without any issues

4. Price:
100 shipped

5. Pictures:

Years of selling here. You're in good hands

PM me with any questions or reasonable offers.

02-26-2011, 12:23 AM
I will take it. Shoot me a pm with paypal info. Thanks.

02-26-2011, 12:51 AM
pm'd sir

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**** It!! I just saw this!