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02-24-2011, 04:22 PM
Item for sale-
Memphis PR-100.4 Amp

The amp is in great condition.

400 Watt Car Amplifier
Amplifier Class N/A
Number of Channels 4
RMS Power (4 ohms) 50 watts x 4 channels
RMS Power (2 ohms) 75 watts x 4 channels
Bridged RMS Power 100 watts x 2 channels
Total RMS Power Output 280 watts
Peak Power Output 400 watts
Total Peak Power Output N/A
Maximum Input Gauge Size 8
Minimum Impedance Unbridged 2 ohms
Minimum Impedance Bridged 4 Ohms
THD at Rated RMS Power .1%
Speaker Level Inputs Yes
Preamp Outputs No
Built-in Crossover N/A
High-Pass Crossover Frequency 40 - 400 Hz
Low-Pass Crossover Frequency 40 - 400 Hz
Subsonic Filter N/A
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 90 dB
Channel Separation 60 dB
Bass Boost 0 - 9 dB
Bass/Gain Remote No
Fan Cooled Yes
Fuse Rating 25A x 2
Dimensions: 14.25"L x 9.37"W x 2.6"

This amp was purchased new by me, and I personally have no complaints with it. It looks good, and functions as advertised. I used it to push my JL12W3V2(also for sale) and could not have been happier. the only reason I am selling the Amp and Sub is that I recently sold my SUV and the new vehicle has a great stock setup that I dont want to alter.


I honestly dont know what it is worth. Make an offer.