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Teresa Fletcher
02-22-2011, 10:50 PM
Useful Tips in Buying Car Speaker

Rule 1- Your stereo is only as good as your speakers. If you have a high-power stereo, then you will need high-power speakers to get the right sound output.

Rule 2- RMS on your amplifier should match the RMS on your speakers, otherwise they won't have enough power to run properly and you run the risk of destroying your system. Peak power isn't the same as the RMS power. Peak power will always be higher than the RMS, and it is an indicator of how well your speakers will react to quick bursts in volume. The higher the wattage the better, but the higher the volume, the more distortion you will get.

Rule 3- Speakers are nothing by themselves (unless you are buying full-range speakers). Component car speakers need additional components to perform well, like a subwoofer, a tweeter, and an amp. These three components together will balance the sound, reduce distortion and produce a better range of lows and highs.

Rule 4- Speakers are sensitive too. The stronger the signal they receive, the louder they'll get. If you have a stock head unit, high sensitivity is key, otherwise, don't worry too much about it for multi-amp systems.

Rule 5- Check the physical depth you have available to install your new speakers. Get a similar size as your old ones if all you are doing is replacing them. Also, consider whether you might need car speaker mounting brackets .

Rule 6- Always be careful of the terminals and other wires that are underneath your car speakers when switching. Don't confuse the positives and negatives. Also, never pry old speakers out with force. Gently remove them, search for hidden screws that may be underneath, and use broad flat tools, not pointy ones, to remove friction fittings if there are any.

02-23-2011, 01:17 AM
Hi Teresa Fletcher.
Interesting post.
i see this is your first post.
welcome to caraudio.com

Im a little confused about how you think a person should debate on how they should buy a speaker.

1-Install is greater then the speaker, head units do make differences as well.
2-On a amp i think i would like more head room for maybe later on up grades.some amps are underated like in those Zuki amps.if you have to much power turn the gains down.
3-What do you mean buy fullrange speakers? Components usually are tweeter-midrange/midbass.
4-this one is tricky.some speakers are 2.83v/1m or 1w/1m- & you will need to look into QTS,Fs,Rms with x-over,etc..... there is so much more to look at when doing it right vs just going off of what some sale guy tells you to buy.
5-you can roll down your car door window & measure the depth, then maybe add a 3/4 more or less for your depth.
6-with some mids or tweeters you can reverse the phase on them, yes i have my midbass out of phase right now.some times your sub pushs out so much bass that reverse phase can help out.
There is so much with car audio, that each & every car install will be different with any & all gear.
I dont think you need loud speakers unless you are unless you have so much bass drowning your front end out.
then i would look into horns or PA drivers.
Other wise I like SQL which you can hear me far enough away to make the cops stop & look at me.
Tonality is a better choice to my ears vs just being loud.
I love my midbass & fullrange speakers without