View Full Version : Digital Dash using A/V in ports?

02-18-2011, 09:20 AM
Alrighty so I has a Pioneer AVH P4300DVD that will be going in in a few days. It has a set of RCAs for A/V in. What I want to do is this: somehow display stuff like boost, A/F ratio, etc. on the screen through the A/V in using the car's OBD. I have a Droid, and have the app Torque, which uses a bluetooth OBD-II dongle and displays realtime information to the phone. I'm wondering if any of you guys have ever done something like this on a non-carputer.

My first thought was to build a little Android-running box and run Torque from that, then display that on the HU through the A/V ins. The problem with this is I'm not sure how I would control it- no idea how I'd make the touchscreen interface with the box. I used to be an IT tech and I've built lots of PCs before, but never done anything with Android. I know you can run Android from a PC, but that seems like overcomplicating things.

A geeky friend of mine suggested that I use an Android phone and remove the cellular radio, effectively giving me an extremely small Android-running computer. I suppose this could work... but it seems like there could be a better way.

The easy way out would be to just output video from my phone, but that's... meh.

What are your guys' thoughts on this? Ideas, input, advice?

Thanks a lot. :)

02-20-2011, 02:05 PM
...no one has any ideas? :wow:

already looked a little on mp3car.com... don't really want to go all-out with separate touchscreen and all.