View Full Version : Head unit help!

02-17-2011, 01:29 AM
I'm insatalling a entire system in my 2000 honda accord. I have the following components so far:

Jl audio 300/4
sundown saz-1500d
2 jl audio 12w6v2d4's
focal 165 v2's
mb quart psc216

The only thing i need now is a head unit. I really want the avh-p4300dvd but i don't need a dvd player and i'm worried the car may get broken into for the headunit as it's not detachable. I could tint the windows but that's adding to the cost. I would be willing to get a single din unit but i don't see any nice ones out there. Can you guys make some suggstions on what a good single din unit it for around 150-200 range? The only thing i want it to have is Ipod interface and for me to able to charge the ipod through the deck. I'm open to brands as well. Any help would be glady appreciated. I can get the 4300 for around 370ish so that's why i don't really want to spend more then 200ish on a single din. Thanks in advanced.