View Full Version : head unit decision insanity - need some help

Randall Cl
02-14-2011, 02:58 AM
Okay, very tired of trying to make a decision on a unit = been searching for hours now

This is what I need: single din, divx playback, good gps
This is what I would like: 18+rms, 4v preamps, volume knob [not touch screen], front usb port

Q - rear usb ports only, how do you plug in a usb key ?

Pioneer avh-5200bt - looks great BUT comes with the less than heralded avicu22o in which u can't enter an address while moving [not even your passenger ?] sounds crippled to me

Kenwood kvt-614 - kenwoods are speced out awesomely but the only unit I can see that plays divx is the 9160 - DD and costs a fortune

Clarion VZ509 + NP509 Package - looks pretty solid, until I did research on the nav module and found out this guy didn't have maps, and couldn't get them. Is this why this bundle is so cheap ?

I'm not an audiofile and need some direction. I don't care about ipod, iphone, bluetooth. I won't be getting an amp either - at this point anyway...

does a unit exist that fits the bill ? which is the next best gps behind kenwoods garmin ?

my bugdet max is $900


02-14-2011, 03:02 AM
Unless you buy used ur budget is going to have to increase. Most nav units in general in my area start at 1100 and up regardless of features. Disregarding crappy Pyle, Jensen and such