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02-13-2011, 03:10 PM
Hey everyone,

A quick background of my system,

A couple years ago I bought an 1800 watt kenwood amp, and two JL subs from best buy and decided to install them myself. A few months after that I bought a cheap kenwood head unit and had our local car audio shop install that. Tired of having a ghetto remote wire setup my friend and I decided to hook the remote wire up to the deck, so we took it out and installed the remote wire. We had some troubles at first figuring out where to put it and misfired a couple times.

Well after a few months my car was having some electrical problems, speedometer would jump all over the place, deck would power off and on several times. It was a pretty messy siuation. So I decided to bring my car in to the audio shop and have them professionally install my entire system.

Things were pretty good until recently, my speedomoter has started jumping all over the place again, my head unit powers on and off all the time now, and my subs have stopped working all together. I called the audio shop and they said the head unit resetting itself and subs not working sounds like a problem with the deck.

I did recently have a new battery and alternator installed, it's 1994 pontiac grand prix.

Froim your guys' experience have you ever heard of a head unit causing so many electrical problems?

Please let me know, I've put so much money into this and plan on getting rid of my car in a few months.


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02-13-2011, 09:44 PM
My old cheap Pioneer headunit(P3700mp) froze to death one night when it was **** near -20 ambient out and somehow drained my batteries along with it.

But no it shouldn't interfere with your car's actual electronics unless it was installed wrong.