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01-30-2011, 03:02 PM
Users involved: Turbobluemiata and Jdubs04ss



Link to original FS thread and/or trade agreement thread:

Original deal details: $250 shipping included, Sent $50 and he said he would hold the amp however long I needed to get the rest which was 3 days I believe

Description of how the deal went bad: When he sent me the amp I tried hooking it up and it blew all the fuses every single time the remote power was applied. I spent 3 weeks changing everything out including ground wires,power wire,remote,rca's and regrounded my amp 4 times with 3 different wires and grounded my battery. I can finally say I've tried everything and gone through $45 in fuses blowing them every time. The protection light comes on when the RCA's and speaker wire were not connected. i did some research and found out its most likely a shorted output transistor. I've been emailing him now for almost a week on CACO and CA.com and haven't gotten reply and its obvious he's ignoring me.

Screen shots supporting your claims: I don't have a screen shot because he hasn't responded. Here's the email I sent him which includes everything I tried/did which technically fits in addt'l info.

Additional info:
Hey whats going on man?

I've been meaning to message you and talk to you about the Sundown SAZ-1500d amp you sold me. We talked for a decent amount of time before I actually bought the amp and paid for it so I felt like we got to know eachother a little bit so it didn't seem like a transaction from stranger to stranger. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt when it came to this amp so instead of just messaging you right off the back accusing you of selling me a bad amp, I wanted to make sure I tried everything possible I could and I talked to as many people as I could and got everything together before I messaged you. I talked to a total of probably 10 people which everyone pretty much said the same thing. "If it keeps blowing fuses everytime you turn the remote wire on, It can be any one of the following;

1.Bad ground on the amp
Anwser- I regrounded my amp in 3 different spots, possibly thought it could of been the wire so I bought a 1/0awg wire, grounded that in all the same locations, then bought a dual wire grounding kit and grounded a 1/0 wire and 2awg wire in 2 new locations, drilled by me and then spent 5 minutes sanding so it was bare metal. The fuses still blew

2.Bad ground for the battery
Anwser- I regounded the battery literally, no BS, in 4 different spots, It looks like a spider is sitting on top of my battery so its grounded as much as it possibly can, its a yellow top so it has side and top posts to allow me to ground it in more locations

3.The main fuse is too small
Anwser- I run a 2awg wire which @ 15' is good up to 225 amps and the main ANL fuse I run is 200 amps. The amp take a maximum of 4 40amp fuses which is only 160 amps

4.The wire cant handle the current
Anwser-2awg wire is what is suggested to be used for any loads under 225 amps when the length is less than 20', I grounded a bigger wire so there should be no problem of the current flowing then being grounded

5.Check the RCA's
Anwser- The amp still pops fuses with the RCA's connected or disconnected. I havent been able to get my hands on a multi-meter but I know as soon as I do, It will most likely read 10v or more because more than likely, the transformer is shorted.

6.Wired underneath 1ohm improperley
Anwser- I have 2 dual 4ohm subs wired in parallel so each sub is wired to 2 ohm and together only run a 1ohm load on the amp, theres no possible way to run it any less than that. Even if I had 2 dual 2ohms I've been told these amps can handle .5ohm all day anyways

7.Electrical isn't supplying enough voltage
Anwser-I have a yellow top, +0.6 volt booster, alternator 4awg wire to power supply, battery grounded in 4 locations, big 3 upgrade,220 amp alternator, 10% alternator overdrive pulley, 5 farad cap. Even when my old amp was pushin 1200watts and pulling 120amps, the system never dropped below 13.9 volts and over 1200rpm, stayed steady between 14.5-14.9 volts. So trust me, the last problem I have is a shortage of power

8.Either one of the speakers might be blown
Anwser-The speakers are just fine, ran fine before this amp, handle more RMS than this amp can provide and when I decided I needed some bump, I connected my back up Rockford 500.2 amp and not only were both speakers working completly fine, but the amp worked with the same set up that the Sundown wouldnt work with

9.The gain is turned up too high
Anwser- This was the 1st thing I checked..trust me I wouldn't be stupid enough to not check this..I even turned the gain and bass boost all the way down

10.Check remote wire/remote switch
Anwser-I thought maybe the 18awg wasnt good enough or the switch was wired incorrectly, even know I know it worked because it did on my last amp, I ditched the switch and even wired up a 14awg monster wire for grins and giggles and nope, still blows fuses

11.Check Amp fuses, try Lower & Higher fuses
Anwser- I tried 4 40amp fuses, 4 30amp fuses, 3 30amp fuses, absoutley everything and after pulling the blown ones, when I go to replace the new ones, the first fuse that I always insert, no matter which spot I stick it in, it still gives me a lil feedback and sparks a lil.

Well to prove that I'm not making this up and that over the past 3 weeks I've done nothing but f*ck with this amp everynight for an hour after work, spend a ridiclious amount of time researching different things to try and what could possibly be the problem. I wrote every anwser under the number in red. You can clearly see that I have tried everything and the only plausable reason for the amp not working is that it wasnt in working condition when it was shipped. I wrote everything out like this all neat incase I need to open up a case. I don't want to do this because you seemed like a legit guy and maybe just possibly there might be a chance that you knew it didn't work. I have every email and all the stuff I've done over the weeks I've had the amp and from the day I got amp, there was nothing but other emails exchanged between you and I plus other people trying to troubleshoot so it's extremley apparent that I never got this amp to turn on. The only reason why I tried all this is because I saw the blue light come on for 2 seconds but then every light in my car dims really low and then the fuse pops, I've seen the protection light come on a few times when the RCA's are NOT connected. I did some research online and because of this one article, is the reason why I want to call you out on this to tell me what you knew about this amp.

If the amp goes into protect with no RCA or speakers cables connected to it or if the amplifier blows the fuse AFTER remote voltage is applied, the amplifier likely has shorted out transistors. In that case, THE AMPLIFIER WILL NEED TO BE REPAIRED

It sounds like I wrote that because of how spot-on it is about my sitiuation. I wish I saw this before I went through all this wasted time and money trying to get it working. The blue light comes on for a second then the fuses blow. The only time I saw the red protect light was when I just happened to have the RCA's and speaker wires disconnected at the same time. I didn't even do it on purpose, It was just another combination I tried to get the amp working. Since the red protect came on for both those being disconnected. The Shorted Output Transistor can be the only reason for why I've gone through all this **** to get the amp to work.

Here are the options I thought of that I thought would be fair and fix this problem once and for all.

Since the last time we talked, you swore that the amp was in working condition, I don't know if since I did all this **** you're going to change your stand on whether you knew the amp was working on not. I'm not asking you to admit any guilt or anything I just think this needs to be fixed.

Either 1. Since you sware the amp works, you shouldn't have a problem wanting to refund my $250 back to me. I'll even pay for the insured shipping back to you. If the amp really doesn't have a problem, you shouldn't have a problem selling this because $250 is still cheaper than anyone else. I've gotten alot of offers + cash for new amps + money for this one but I decided I couldn't sell an amp not knowing 100% if somethings wrong with it.

2. I can take the amp to a repair shop so this way if you don't believe me, I can have a professional look at it and tell you the same dianosis I told you but since he's professional, you know he wouldn't be lying.

3. I can take it to a repair shop because it obviously needs to be repaired and I can get a quote to see how much it will be to get fixed. As long as your willing to pay the money to have it repaired. I will cover the shipping costs to try and not cost you as much

Bottom line, I think its only fair if you take the amp back, since it's working and all and anyone would kill for such a nice clean looking "working" saz-1500. Please refund me my $250 back and I'll pay for shipping, OR I can take it to a repair shop to dianose it and tell you that it has shorted output transistors and then we can figure our decision. Or just have it repaired because you know its broke anyways and you can pay for repair costs.

I didnt want it to come to this but I know you sold me a bad amp and I don't wanna have to open a case to resolve this. Please get back to me so we can talk like men and work this out


01-31-2011, 09:38 PM
worst comes to worst, google amp repairs, i dont remember the site but its just a small business i paid 250 for a kicker kx1200d that turned on but got no power to the output i sent it in to them and they fixed it up real good for only $105 shipping included...that does **** though :(

01-31-2011, 10:25 PM
I remember that thread, guy seemed sketchy to me... SOrry that had to happen man but with everything you just typed up I doubt you would loose the case

02-01-2011, 02:47 PM
Yea but whether it's won or lost, just because some website that he's only been on for 2 months and all 16 of his posts were all from that thread, whats the worst that can happen to him.. WE BAN YOU FROM CAR AUDIO.COM!! I'm sure he'll keep the money and said screw this site anyways and then I'm stuck with this amp. I hope it's a cheap repair because of him, I spent the only money I had on this amp and cant afford to buy another amp and say I bought this amp for $275 and the repair is $100 bucks...I don't think someone would pay $200 for this amp in non working condition. I know it's a really nice amp with no marks on it at all and is worth alot more in working condition but no one is going to want it. I made sure he felt like a total **** for screwing over the one guy whos beating cancer 3 times and is battling his 4th, who's accomed to $7000 in debt from trying to do IVF with my wife so I can see my kid beofe this **** spreads and because this new round of chemo made me completly sterile for life. And with all that said, over text message his exact words were "I just don't feel obligated to pay for someone elses mistake no matter who it is when it leaves my hand working then my end of the deal is done" and then when I confronted him about ignoring all my messages I send him on both CACO and here, he told me "I wasnt ignoring you on the fourms anyway I just didnt have the time to talk to you about it because I had no idea something like this was gonna happen always worried about it cause electronics is one person against another"..Im gonna write up the whole convo and post on CACO since there's no limit on characters than post it back on here so everyone can see how grimey he is..and I got his number from someone else who was like This guys a chump I don't wanna see you get screwed..heres his number..and If i never texted him, I still to this date would have not gotten a response even know it tells me when he's last signed on so I know he saw the messages

02-01-2011, 02:50 PM
if the deal seems too good to be true it usually is

02-01-2011, 02:59 PM
I did a couple of boxes for him, seemed like a good dude at the time...

02-05-2011, 04:46 AM
I have tried to help this guy out with this amp...... It worked the day I took it out of the car perfectly.... and how is $250 shipped for a saz-1500 to good to be true that's what I payed..... I texted him about the amp even.... but whatever you all wanna think... I dunno what happened to it after It left my hands. Could have gotten abused by someone

02-05-2011, 05:09 AM
^^ you assume he abused it?? Sounds like your trying to cover your own ***. If the guy takes it to a shop or sends it in for repair the least you should do is pay half the repair bill. Whos to say your not the one that abused it and sent out a broke amp. Unless you have a video showing the amp worked with the date and time in the video then u need to bite the bullet and help get it repaired.. Until you resolve this issue good luck with buying or selling anything on this site again.

02-05-2011, 07:44 PM
lol, i almost did business with him. then when i asked him to ship first he stopped talking to me

02-06-2011, 07:25 AM
;7478425']lol, i almost did business with him. then when i asked him to ship first he stopped talking to me

thats the best test right there ask a scammer to ship first and they never will becaues they know the **** wont work

Digital Designs
02-06-2011, 08:12 AM
Why do people that are in debt and supposedly really sick always seem to be wasting money on unnecessary **** like car audio? This guy isnt the first person who have said the whole "this is all the money I had" BS. If that is true, you sir, are a moron.

02-06-2011, 08:07 PM
ey J, glad to see your still around and kicking cancer azz still..........

02-06-2011, 08:20 PM
this is a great guy to deal with here.....

02-09-2011, 05:31 PM
I'm calling B.S. If it wasnt for me getting your number from another member, you would of never contacted me..did you tell them how you ignored all the emails I sent you also? and would only offer $60 back for repair? It didnt get abused because the amp was priceles looking when it came without a mark on it, clearly not abused either. All I want is the $150 it's going to cost to ship it off to Db-R, fix it, then pay for shipping back. I just shipped it to him today and it cost me $25 to ship so its gonna be more like $170 fixed round trip

I have tried to help this guy out with this amp...... It worked the day I took it out of the car perfectly.... and how is $250 shipped for a saz-1500 to good to be true that's what I payed..... I texted him about the amp even.... but whatever you all wanna think... I dunno what happened to it after It left my hands. Could have gotten abused by someone

02-09-2011, 05:40 PM
And also yes that was the only money I had at the time, I havent been balling like I use to until I wrecked my Impala Jan 4 of 2010 and I had 6g's saved up in cash and since I only had libality since the car was paid off, I had to pay outta pocket and the damage that was done, I'm lucky a friend of the family fixed it and it was only 5 g's..Ever since then I've been paycheck to paycheck and yea between not putting in 95 hours every 2 weeks like I used too and all these fuckin IVF bills, My girl made me sign a paper saying I cant buy any more electronics..Does that sound like someone who can just blow $250? You know 80% of americans couldnt write a $1,000 check if asked to do so right now? And you sir Micah_Jones are an *******, not that anyone cares but no one here has more problems in their life and been thru as much **** as I have and Im only 22..Have you had your armbone replaced with titanium? your sternum(ribcage) sawed in half down the front of your chest? or how bout a microscopic surgery on my right ribs where the surgeon dropped the tumor, didnt tell us and guess what, it came back 9 months later, on my ribs and had to have 2 sections of ribs REMOVED, AS in GONE FOREVER, Not to mention chemotherapy for 9 months after each one of those surgries..Have you done any of those? I can keep going but I think I'm just gonna step back because nothing more needs to be said to make my point..I finally had a little cash to spend (borrowed from my mom, yea money to spend huh?) and I got F'ed in the *** by someone who has no proof that it was working besides his own word... If i've done a bunch of transactions before, I woulda known to ask to ship first and dont send money as gifts because you wont be able to get it refunded