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01-26-2011, 04:51 AM
Well long story short.. I saw an alpine HU long time ago, after i heard it on stock speakers (someone's honda civic?) but I was amazed by the quality and the HU animation :P
Then I was like aftermarket car audio rocks!

I have.. (totaled) a 1987 300e.. I mean I did my research to a point, but money was a problem..
I got the alpine 9887, with dreams of imprinting it one day and such, and some infinity kappas.. (the small ones not the nice ones) some OLD mb quart tweets that came with the car.. and some old mb quart crossovers (Don't think I need em)

A Crunch P5000 5 channel amp :/ (Not too bad for the price)

The subwoofer though I ended up with a KICKER L7W12 (BIG MISTAKE) as i was focused alot more on SQL...

I got ripped off many times for installation, with cheap wiring, crap i didn't need and probably wasted ALOT of money...

Heres a description.. So I went to a shop, they charged me 200$ for a ground shaker sub box, and installing the HU and sub.. (bad shop, put all the wires in 1 side, lots of static)
later on i got speakers went to another shop cause they used cheap wiring
600$ to install speakers, rewire amp.. and install some crossovers.. and dynamat my trunk (I brought my own dynamat)

So these bastards charge me this much, they don't even change the wiring, or grounding or anything, they do a bad job dynamatting the trunk.. just got a hammer and hammered away... i wanted some custom speaker brackets made.. instead they used my dynamatt to ghetto surround the speakers..

I mean i shutup and was like you know what screw it im done with car audio.. maybe I'll get a better sub and amp next and do it myself.. (I got it to sound halfway decent with lots of tuning via HU/AMP)

So all in all.. i totaled my car (crashed it to a mountain wall) and I was like I'm going to try and get rid of EVERYTHING! maybe except the tweets.. their quite old.. and speakers.. I dunno who wants em in the sizes.. haha and the HU, i love the 9887 :)

I was going to try and do the install myself, but never had the tools or anything.. I did lots of research, watched youtube videos and all that but I can still never get it.. but now I decided to join the forum to actually learn.. I mean it doesn't seem that hard at all unless your doing custom installs..

Well thanks for hearing me out guys :)

Bob Saget
01-29-2011, 03:46 AM
welcome :wave:

01-29-2011, 08:09 PM
Welcome to Hell.


01-29-2011, 08:10 PM
Welcome to Hell.