View Full Version : LOOK!!!! Points Only Shows; please share your thoughts!

01-25-2011, 12:39 AM
I just got this in my email....

[email protected][/email]]
Hello Everyone,

I have had some discussions with some of you regarding hosting lower cost, "Points Only" events to allow those of you who are on a budget to have a chance to accumulate as many competitor points as possible.

What has been discussed specifically is for me to host shows that would be half price what the current shows cost with the understanding that no awards would be presented at these "Points Only" events.

(If you are part of a retail shop, car club or MECA team that still wants to receive awards you would win at a standard 2X event, we could make arrangements to have those awards made "on your dime" and at my cost.)

Most of us would like to see some National points champions come from Arizona and New Mexico! I'm guessing that many of you would like to see your own name on the national scene!

With all due respect to our fellow competitors in Tennessee, Ohio, and other MECA hot posts, Arizona and New Mexico can "bring it" also!

Here are the three things that need to happen in order to make these a reality:

1) A e-mail response from each you indicating an interest in such shows.
2) A willingness to determine one location (or small set of locations) at which all 'Points Only" shows would be held.
3) Approval from MECA headquarters once items 1) and 2) have been addressed.

Please let me know what you think, and please e-mail or call me with any comments or suggestions. Thanks.


Here is your opportunity to bring point to the west cost.